Submission Guide Line

The main purpose of Trusted Web Directory is to create a user-friendly environment, with high editorial discretion applied to each suggested website, created for those seeking information. We believe this should be the primary motivation for any web directory.

Contrary to the general belief, a web directory should not be just another website allowing a website owner to get a backlink. Such directories violate Google’s Guidelines.

What websites do we add to this directory?

Our editors add new listings to our database on a daily basis. Furthermore, other webmasters are allowed to suggest websites to be added to this  web directory by paying a fee, and, if our editors consider that resource useful for others, they’ll accept it.

There is a huge difference between “suggesting” a website to a website directory (because a suggestion is subject to approval or rejection) and “a guaranteed listing”.

Why can’t I suggest websites for free?

The Internet is vast, hosting billions of websites and hundreds of thousands of online businesses. People are mindful about SEO, they read everywhere they need backlinks, they see various metrics like Page Authority or Domain Authority as a divine blessing they must have and so forth.

DMOZ, for example, had over 90,000 editors, and the review process took years.

So, collecting a modest review fee (we have the lowest fees in the industry) ensures the quality of our services (hosting and marketing, paying our editors, adding new content and tools etc.) and on the other hand limits the number of suggestions and indirectly reduces web spam.

What kind of websites are added to this web directory?

Our primary focus is oriented towards providing an excellent user experience. Therefore, we prefer sites filled with unique information, have decent layout etc.

Before approving a resource (website) we visit that website and decide whether or not that resource (product or service) is useful for users.

What kind of websites are usually rejected?

Well, it is difficult to name the exact websites we reject. However, we don’t accept pharmacy websites (because most of them run illegally), affiliate-only based websites (they don’t offer anything unique), redirected websites, websites that sell stolen software, websites whose legitimacy is questionable, etc.

How should I suggest my website?

Simply select a category or subcategory that best describes your website’s niche and use the ‘Submit’ link in the top menu.

Can I use whatever website title I want?

No. We are all fed up with directories listing twenty ‘Best SEO Company – Guaranteed Results | Click Here!!!’ entries in an SEO-related category. That is called spam.

Instead, use the official name of your website. We love it, Google loves it!

What about the description?

A website’s description should not be promotional and should not urge the user to click, buy, or call. Also, try not to use superlatives like “best”, “leading” etc. We want impartiality and objectivity so the user can solely decide where to click. Just imagine a home improvement category filled with ten or twenty “best” businesses offering the same service.

Instead, describe what your website has to offer, what a user can find on your website, specify if you serve only a specific region and so forth.

Why have you edited my listing?

Making this Trusted Web Directory a useful resource requires us to exercise a high level of editorial discretion. So, in some cases, we may modify the title or the description of the suggested website and/or move it to a more appropriate category.