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People Trust What Other People Say About You More Than What You Say About Yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trusted Web?

A trusted Website is a website that you trust not to damage your computer.

If you set the security level of your Internet Explorer® browser to High, so that you do not access websites that might damage your computer, you may be unable to access a specific website that you trust. To access the website, you can add the URL of the website to your Trusted Websites list or change your security level to Medium or lower. When using a high security level, you need to add the Web application URLs to your Trusted Websites list.

What is Trusted Web Directory?

Trusted Web Directory is a web directory that provides free and paid listing only for Trusted Websites.

Why is third-party validation important?

Because people trust what other people say about you more than what you say about yourself. More than half of B2B tech buyers rely on social proof—such as customer reviews, influencer endorsements and media praise— to help make purchase decisions. And fully half of decision-makers never engage with B2B tech vendors even once before making a purchase—making reviews and opinions online even more important.

How is a third-party validation strategy different from a media relations strategy?

When companies contact us seeking “good PR,” we ask them what they mean by that. What goals are they trying to achieve? Often, they say they want brand awareness or media visibility. But we would argue that’s not actually what most companies want, or should seek, from a PR firm.

If you simply want visibility —if you simply want to raise awareness—it would be more cost-effective to buy highly focused ads and serve them to your target audience. But that’s not really what you’re looking for, is it?

You are actually seeking to establish a position of authority in your market. You are seeking credibility. Ultimately, you are seeking one thing above all else: Trust. Your company needs to be trusted in the market, or you won’t be able to grow..

How critical are online review sites to third-party validation?

According to a HubSpot study, more than 85 percent of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family.

To give you an idea of how important this kind of trust signal has become, did you know that there is a successful B2B tech reference site that has built its entire business on scraping and resharing your website’s customer testimonials on its own site? 

Why does this business model work?

Because even the exact same customer endorsements are trusted more when they are on somebody else’s website.