Why Trust Seals?

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Countless studies have proven that trust seals have a significant effect on consumer behavior. For example, a study conducted by Actual Insights found that trust logos increased the perceived trustworthiness of a brand in 75 percent of respondents. Results also showed that 61% of participants said they recalled a time when they chose not to complete a transaction because trust logos were absent.

Selecting a trust seal that is valued by consumers is key to making them feel comfortable converting on your landing page or browsing your website. All trust seals are valuable, but some have more impact on consumer behavior than others.

Different types of trust seals

Businesses use different types of trust seals to push prospects to take a specific action. A security badge is placed an ecommerce page or sales page to make visitors feel comfortable entering sensitive information (like credit card number) and completing the transaction. On the other hand, an industry award is used to highlight an accomplishment and persuade prospects to request a free consultation, view a demonstration, download a white paper, or register for a webinar.

Let’s see how companies are using different types of security badges and trust seals to make a great impression on potential customers.

Credit card trust logos

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are commonly used to assure visitors that a business takes a particular form of payment. They are also a great way for lesser-known businesses to let prospects know which forms of payment are accepted.

My Binding

My Binding’s homepage places credit card logos in their website footer, directly above security trust seals from Norton and Google. During the checkout process for any of the company’s products, the same credit card logos are found directly below the “Proceed to Checkout” CTA

Industry awards

Industry awards are used to showcase a specialty or highlight a quality that competitors don’t have. Industry award trust seals are often used to move prospects to view a product demo, sign up for a free trial, opt-in to receive a newsletter, or request a consultation.


Barracuda is a network security business and they understand the need to stand out from intense competition. The 2014 SC Magazine Award Winner symbol on the landing page below shows that Barracuda won the honor for the industry’s best customer service. The company also placed the 2016 version of the award on their homepage, which further demonstrates their understanding of award badges’ impact.

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