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Electromagnetic clutches and brakes are vital in relation to industry and vehicles. If you want the ideal answer to clutches and brakes in one location, Warner Clutch will be the place for you. Their exceptional brake and clutch modules are expertly developed with the hottest technology, produced from high-quality materials, scrutinized by experienced engineers, are simple to operate and affordable.

Warner Electric has been an important part of the clutch and brake industry for many years, and they also understand their client preferences and needs. Over the years, they've fulfilled these needs and have stayed at the top of their game. If you're looking for the finest supplier of clutch and brake modules, you should talk to Warner Electric.

Founded in 1927, Warner Electric has grown to become a global leader in the development of innovative electromagnetic clutch & brake solutions. Warner Electric engineers utilize the latest materials and manufacturing technologies to design long life, easy-to-use clutches and brakes that provide improved accuracy and repeatability. Warner Electric offers the broadest selection of industrial clutches, brakes, controls and web tension systems available from a single manufacturer.

Reliable Warner Electric components are used in a wide range of markets including material handling, packaging machinery, food & beverage, elevator & escalator, turf & garden, agriculture, off-highway, forklift, crane and motion control. Applications include conveyors, lift trucks, wrapping machines, servo motors, capping equipment, combines, balers, baggage handling systems, military vehicles, hoists and lawn mowers.

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