Top 10 Web Directory Still Count on in 2018

Date Added: August 15, 2018 05:02:53 PM
Author: Hasan Saleem
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Top 10 Web Directory Still Count on in 2018. Let’s explore a few things you should look for in a web directory before submitting your website in 2018. Then I’ll share ten web directories that offer real marketing value from ones connecting you with local customers to broader directories that have stood the test of time.

3 Things to Look for in Web Directories in 2018

The key to finding trusted web directories these days is looking for ones that offer real value and rise above the “link farm” herd. Here are three things to look for that will help you sort the worthwhile from the worthless.

1. Directories that market themselves to end users, and not just website owners

When a directory is a true resource to your potential customers, it’s more likely those customers will search there for businesses like yours. Local directories are a great example of this, helping buyers find businesses they want nearby.

2. Directories with high editorial standards

You don’t want links to your business website in “bad neighborhoods” with spammy and scammy websites, or with irrelevant ones. Quality directories don’t instantly approve listings. Editors review every submission carefully, and they’ll sometimes even add their own vetted suggestions. Remember, the higher quality the directory is as a resource overall, the more credibility it has and the more credibility it lends you.

3. Directories that focus on benefits to you that they can actually provide 

Years ago, Google penalized a lot of web directories it found to be of low value. It was common at the time for directories to promote themselves as sources of “link juice” for SEO. Those days are in the past. If you plan to use directory submissions in your marketing in 2018, focus on ones offering true value—connecting you with actual customers (or readers, or subscribers, or whatever you’re targeting,) In other words, look for directories that have a purpose beyond SEO.

Now let’s look at some specific directories you may want to consider.

10 Web Directories That Can Still Help Your Website

Here are 10 web directories still worth submitting your website or business to in 2018. They’re broken down into two separate groups to help you find what you need—general web directories and local business directories. And each group is sorted in alphabetical order.

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