Building Good Quality Backlinks

Date Added: July 11, 2018 04:44:54 PM
Author: Andreas Rivera
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These links increase your visibility on search engines because they typically signify how important your web page is related to certain search terms. For example, if lots of 3D printing blogs link to your 3D printing business, search engines view your website with more credibility, and are likely to rank your site higher when people search for 3D printing. Basically, backlinks are a way to indicate that those other sites are vouching for you.

At first you may think that getting as many links to your website is all it takes; however, not all backlinks are created equal. That was one of the primary strategies in the early days of search engines and SEO, but as algorithms have improved, they're able to distinguish genuine, quality links from spam links.

Avoiding Low-Quality Links

Spamming your website all across the internet will do nothing but hurt your search ranking. Search engines are sophisticated enough to judge whether or not a backlink is posted in good-faith and fits the context of where it's being posted. 

Be wary of services that claim they can increase your backlinks and boost your search ranking, as many of them just spam your links or enter them into link farms that pass your website around several, spam-like sites that only exist to post links. You'll have lots of backlinks, but Google and other search engines can identify that these links are spam, making them worthless, if not detrimental. This can reduce your credibility and your search ranking, having the opposite effect of what you want.

Building Good Backlinks

Regardless of the claims some dozens of services may boast, there's no magic bullet to boosting good backlinks; search engines have built their algorithms to ensure there's no cheating the system. So, it's best to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to backlinks. Doing so will take patience and confidence in your content's worth.

If you want to get a quality backlink, approach a site that already has a superb reputation with Google. The ideal backlink will be posted on a website that's in the same field as yours, providing good context and relevance to your link. The more your website is linked to high-ranking pages in the same field as yours, the more search algorithms will put your website in the same category as them.

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